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Welcome to SDSS PDF Print E-mail
SDSS are a dynamic forward looking company, providing our clients exceptional project delivery (Quality, Time and Cost)!. We are an outstanding control systems integrator, and consulting company, covering the entire automation and MES segments from machinery control system design and advanced control, SCADA & HMI and high level IT MES, ERP systems together with supporting hardware. We believe in providing the best total solution for our clients and are committed to supporting our clients in the delivery of projects and long term system support.

SDSS LogoSDSS provide documentary evidence of compliance for all our automation, hardware and software systems for many sectors of regulated industries. A full vertical slice of software and hardware from the machinery on the plant floor to high level planning, manufacturing and scheduling systems can be provided. All systems are specified to ensure as much compatibility as possible with current and future control systems, this is obtained using open standard interfaces where possible.

We provide and implement frameworks which assist you in making and implementing the correct solutions for your business.


Beanair Wireless System PDF Print E-mail

SDSS are pleased to announce the successful installation of a validated wireless EMS system to collect temperature information from mobile fridges and freezers.  The system collects data from autonomous battery powered devices via a series of gateways that are connected to a PCS7 EMS system via Ethernet, for environmental alarm management and paging/emailing of out of specification devices.

Each device has a battery life of >365 days (2yrs at configured logging frequency) and replacement is handled as part of annual calibration of the sensors.  The installed sensors contain integrated data loggers and these can store up to 16K entries in the event of a Gateway or any other failure. This allows the facility to be certain that critical storage temperature data will be available. (Humidity, Light, Pressure also available)

The Wireless devices installed are Beanair EcoSensor temperature “plug and play devices” (SUN_T).  They provide a low cost implementation with high reliability.  The embedded log feature enables the devices to double as standalone dataloggers.

The low cost of ownership of the devices make them ideal for applications such as; Building management, Embedded process measurement, Chilled Transport Temperature Tracking.

The system comes with its own installable application that can be easily integrated to other systems using OPC DA.


IP21 Upgrade PDF Print E-mail

SDSS complete the upgrade of 6 validated Aspen Manufacturing Suite Sites (IP21, Production Manager, etc) from Version 2006.5 to AMS V7.3.0.3 together with test and development environments - 10 Servers.

The upgrade included operating system upgrades from Windows 2003 Server to Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit).  All sites UK and US were upgraded remotely with minimal downtime to the connected plant.

All Aspen Cimio Servers were also updated at the same time (1-5 per site).

SDSS completes project for GlaxoSmithKline (Harlow) PDF Print E-mail

SD System Solutions are please to announce the successful completion of a large automation project at GlaxoSmithKline, Harlow, Essex

After several years of intense work in partnership with Integrity Solutions and Distinct Software Solutions the first large phase of the automation project has been completed.

The project consists of one Enterprise Manufacturing Suite (Aspentech) which has links to the Environmental Monitoring(EMS) and Batch Data(Batch) collection SCADA systems. There are four SCADA servers which are linked via a redundant fibre optic industrial Ethernet ring too four Siemens S7-400's (416 & 417) PLC's. These are in turn linked to approximately ten EMS outstations and fifty machines used for batch Pharmaceutical production. Approximately thirty PCS7 clients have been deployed, these have access to the EMS SCADA server for the resetting of alarms and beacons on the EMS, and access to the Batch SCADA system for collection and processing of data from the fifty machines connected to the batch system. The other two SCADA servers consist of a development system and engineering system used for the testing and deployment of new machine additions respectively. The development and engineering SCADA servers also act as backup servers for the primary servers and can be used at any time. Switch over to the backup systems can be completed within an hour (11 seconds if the PCS7 project is already running on either of the backup servers).


The system is design to be expanded to allow real-time control and electronic product release as well as the additional of finite scheduling facilies in the future


Currently SD System Solutions is completing similar projects on a further five GlaxoSmithKline sites.

SDSS completes project for BovisLend Lease (Ware) PDF Print E-mail

SD System Solutions have successfully completed a project to add a further nine flexible rooms to the Batch System at GlaxoSmithKline, Ware, Essex


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